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During the night, the body should be able to recover from the hardships of the day. To ensure this, however, the conditions for a sound sleep must be created. Elemental is that the spine and musculoskeletal system are relieved. What role this cushion and mattress play and what you should pay attention to when buying, read here.

Tips on mattresses - hardness and materials crucial

For a restful sleep, it needs a high quality pad. If the mattress does not meet individual needs, tension, insomnia and even back problems can result. If you are concerned with the purchase of a new mattress, you should first focus on the degree of hardness.

If you have chosen the right, your spine will also run in the side sleeper position in a straight line. As you cannot understand this alone, you should always take a companion with you to test a mattress or have your specialist confirm your posture.

Which mattress type is the right one?

While people who sweat heavily with spring mattresses are well advised because these products act to regulate moisture and prevent mold growth, allergy sufferers can better cope with latex models or waterbeds. In both alternatives, the mite load is low. Latex mattresses are also ideal for those with a higher body weight, as the material adapts individually to the body shape. Another alternative is foam mattresses, which are often offered in the form of cold foam variants. Required are 7-zone mattresses with ergonomic elements to support the lumbar, neck and head area. The density of foam can be tailored, which makes the material extremely attractive for sleeping comfort. Practical for advocates of sustainable living are cold foam mattresses made of natural materials.

The product comparison portals have summarized details on the individual properties of mattresses of various brands and types. Including allergy, latex, spring core and cold foam mattresses. Get an overview and learn more about the special features.

Central key figures when buying a mattress

There are several factors that make you recognize a good mattress. First, the density, short RG: This measure provides information about the durability of a mattress. The higher it is, the more durable and elastic the foam. Do not buy a mattress with less than RG 40.

Equally crucial is the core height, which informs about the resistance to pressure. Depending on the body weight, a core height of 14-19 centimeters would be recommended.

Regarding the orthopedic posture during sleep, you should take a look at the overall height. If it is too thin, the spine posture is severely impaired. 20 to 24 inches are a good guide. From 25 centimeters can be spoken of a comfort level. The load capacity of a mattress is revealed by the so-called compression hardness, in short kPa. 30 kPa is sufficient for children and adults with rather low to medium body weight. Heavy people should choose products with 40 kPa.

Find the optimal pillow

Which pillow is ideal for you depends on your sleeping habits. If you sleep mainly on the side or on the back, you need a different pillow than abdominal sleepers. The following list summarizes essential purchase criteria for abdominal, lateral and back sleepers:

  • Abdominal sleepers: Particularly flat cushions are required here to relieve the neck and prevent overstretching.
  • Back sleepers: If you sleep mostly on your back, the pillow must ergonomically fill the space between the mattresses, neck and head to ensure the natural S shape of the spine. Pillows should not be too high or too flat. Too high a cushion would cause an overstretching of the neck muscles. Neck support pillows in standard size 40 × 80 centimeters are a good choice for this purpose.

Side Sleepers: For the most popular of all sleeping positions there are special side sleeping cushions for filling the cavity between mattress, head and neck. A pillow with the dimensions 40 × 80 cm is also advisable here. It keeps the shoulder area free and positions the head according to the natural spine shape.

The filling

Whether you decide for a filling of down, natural hair, millet, spelled or other material is ultimately a matter of taste. Nevertheless, every material has special qualities that you have to include in your purchase decision. Sheep's wool, for example, promotes rapid moisture transport and would be beneficial for sweaty people. Contrary to popular belief, sheep's wool does not warm exclusively, but has temperature-regulating properties. Even in summer, a pleasant feeling.

Blends of down and feathers are sold very often. Both fillers complement each other and guarantee a harmonious interplay of supporting power and comfort. However, you should pay attention here that shaping sheaths are used. Allergy sufferers often have problems with natural hair or down and benefit from allergy-friendly material properties in synthetic pillow fillings.

Whether small and petite or tall and strong - every person with any body shape wants to sleep restful and healthy. The best possible relief and a natural posture of the spine are of great importance for the nocturnal regeneration of the body. The solution: an individual bed system optimally adapted to your needs.

Good sleep is teamwork

If you want to optimally adapt your bed system to your body size, body shape and weight, it is not enough to search the Internet for a supposedly appropriate degree of hardness and then directly buy a mattress. Because a higher weight is not necessarily associated with a higher degree of hardness required. On the contrary: especially in this case, the increasing pressure sensitivity of the body should not be ignored. A harder mattress can withstand a higher load for a bit longer, but it puts more strain on the body than it helps to regenerate and relax.

For the optimal result and thus a restful sleep it depends on the interaction between mattress and lower suspension. Both units should be specially sized to fit their size, body shape and weight to complement each other. Do you prefer to sleep on the side, on the back or more often on the stomach? Also this information is included in the adjustment of your bed system for the perfect sleep result. But do not worry: you do not have to get the tape measure out of the sewing box and measure yourself from top to bottom.

1000 body shapes, a way to the right bed

In cooperation with the Ergonomics Institute Munich Heidinger, dr. Jaspert, dr. Hocke GmbH has developed a sophisticated measurement system that can be used to recommend to every person a combination of mattress and spring suspension adapted to his body.